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Efficacy and function of hundred flower honey

Efficacy and Function of Hundred Flowers Honey -- Wholesale of Bee Juice Honey of Mile Bee Industry
The efficacy and function of hundred flower honey. Now the Xiaobian of Mele Bee Industry Mele Bee Industry Bee Strange Honey Wholesale will talk to you.


1. Promote digestion
Studies have proved that honey can regulate gastrointestinal function and make gastric acid secretion normal. Animal experiments have confirmed that honey can enhance intestinal peristalsis and significantly shorten defecation time.
2. Improve immunity
Honey contains a variety of enzymes and minerals, which can improve human immunity after synergistic action. The experimental study proved that honey could improve the immune function of mice.
3. Improve sleep
Honey can relieve nervous tension, promote sleep, and have a certain analgesic effect. The glucose, vitamin, magnesium, phosphorus and calcium in honey can regulate the nervous system and promote sleep.
4. Promote children's growth and development
The researchers' large-scale clinical experiments showed that the children who ate honey had faster weight, height, chest circumference, subcutaneous fat, shinier skin, and less dysentery, bronchitis, conjunctivitis, stomatitis and other diseases than those who ate sugar.
5. Moisten the lungs and stop coughing
Honey can moisten the lungs and has a certain antitussive effect. It is often used to assist in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis and tracheitis.
6. Protection of cardiovascular system
Honey can expand coronary artery and nourish myocardium, improve myocardial function and regulate blood pressure.
7. Promote calcium absorption
Experts from the Human Nutrition Center of the United States Department of Agriculture found that honey can prevent middle-aged and elderly women from osteoporosis caused by calcium loss. This is because boron in honey can increase estrogen activity and prevent calcium loss.