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Ten Precautions for Honey Storage

Ten Precautions for Honey Storage - Honey Wholesale of Mile Bee Industry
When we buy honey, if we keep the honey for a long time, the honey will be easy to deteriorate. This phenomenon is either the poor quality of the honey or the improper storage of the honey. This article introduces the ten precautions for honey storage in the Honey Wholesale of Mile Bee Industry. After learning this, you can keep your honey without deterioration.

Ten Precautions for Honey Storage
1、 Use suitable storage containers
Non metal containers, such as vats, wooden buckets and non-toxic plastic barrels, should be used for storage. In areas with high honey production, honey storage pools can be established. During storage, it shall be noted that the honey in the container shall not be too full, especially during transportation, the top of the container shall be kept clear.
2、 Do not expose honey to the sun
The reason for this is that honey contains water. In case of high temperature and high temperature, excessive exposure. It will cause some active enzymes in honey, including nutrients, to evaporate with temperature and water. Even worse
3、 Varietal storage
There are many varieties of honey in China, such as purple cloud flower nectar, Youlai flower nectar, citrus flower nectar, Jingtiao flower nectar, jujube flower nectar, etc. Each kind of honey has its own characteristics and flavor. Therefore, it should be stored by varieties.
4、 High Baume honey preservation
We can't buy honey with high Baume degree and low water content. So many honey with low Baume degree and high water content in the market have also been sold. If we buy honey with high Baume degree, we just need to pay attention to the sealing of the honey bottle to avoid more contact with the air, and store it in a dry place at room temperature.
5、 Low Baume honey preservation
If you are unlucky to buy honey with low Baume degree, you should pay attention to that we cannot guarantee that there is no yeast in the honey, so you can only reduce the temperature of the honey to avoid honey fermentation. It is better to refrigerate the honey in the refrigerator. Yeast will stop growing at low temperature to avoid honey fermentation.
6、 Prevent honey fermentation
Yeast often exists in honey. When the temperature and humidity are appropriate, yeast will grow and multiply, causing honey fermentation and rancidity. Immature honey contains a large amount of water, which is suitable for the growth of yeast. Therefore, this kind of honey should be pretreated before storage. The method is to put it into a large container C, open it in a dry, ventilated room with a temperature above 25 ℃, and store it after several days.
Ten Precautions for Honey Storage
7、 Prevent honey crystallization
The honey supplied to the market must be kept in a transparent liquid state. Therefore, honey crystallization should be prevented. The crystallized honey shall be heated in a double layer pot. During treatment, the outer layer is filled with water and the inner layer is filled with honey. When the water temperature reaches 71 ℃, keep it for several minutes, and then let it stand for one day to remove the foam on the surface, and then put it into a sterilized glass bottle to prevent honey crystallization.
8、 Ensure the purity of honey
Honey often contains pollen pieces, wax flakes, bee wings, bee carcasses, etc. The common way to remove impurities is to put honey into a tall barrel, place it in a high temperature and dry room, and let the time required for precipitation and sedimentation depend on the indoor temperature. Generally, it takes 3 days when the indoor temperature is 20 ℃, and only 10 hours when the indoor temperature is 35 ℃. After the impurities sink, pure honey can be obtained through the backhoe.
9、 It is important to choose mature honey
Although keeping honey in the refrigerator in summer can ensure that it will not deteriorate, under low temperature conditions, some honey is easy to crystallize. After this happens, you need not worry about it. Crystallization is a natural phenomenon of honey, which is easy to occur when the external temperature is lower than 13 ℃. If you want to change it back to a liquid state, you can use 50 ℃ warm water to heat it. It is suggested that you should choose mature honey to buy honey, which can be stored for a long time without deterioration. Although the price will be slightly higher, how important is it compared with health?
10、 Prevent honey from absorbing moisture
Honey is highly hygroscopic, so it should be put into a sealed container and stored in a dry and ventilated room. Do not store articles with strong smell in the room where honey is stored to prevent honey from absorbing peculiar smell.
Tip: The main reason for honey deterioration is honey fermentation. If there are three conditions at the same time, honey will be fermented. What are the three conditions?
The first is water. Honey also contains water. If the water content exceeds 20%, it is a factor of yeast fermentation. The second is that the temperature and yeast fermentation temperature should be above 20 degrees. The last one is very simple. Honey must contain yeast. If these three conditions exist at the same time, your honey will be fermented.