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The first generation of ancestral beekeeping farm - cheng cangxiao (pollination)

In May 1918, an ordinary farmers lane to sell the home with their burdens of melon, but almost no takers, farmers frustrated, sat alone on the road to smoke, then to a stranger, ask how do you sell melon, farmers immediately spirit, enthusiastic to introduce their own melon, but people see the farmers after the melon is not very satisfied, there are a lot of deformity melon, head also is very small, not full.

Farmers overjoyed when just was poured cold water, then perhaps the passers-by to see poor farmers, may be l want to help the old farmer, originally the stranger is a beekeeper, passers-by to teach farmers to use bees pollinated the crops and fruit technology, bees pollinated the crops and can be improved

Raw melon rate, greatly increase production, ensure quality.

Farmers went back to pollinate cantaloupes in the same way that passersby had taught them. Two months later, the farmers were delighted to see all the fruits in the melon fields moist and plump.

The first generation of ancestral beekeeping farm -- cheng cang xiao (beekeeping in the next chapter)

Since then, he has been planting melons in this way, giving the honey to relatives and neighbors.Time grew, neighbors and relatives and friends are good feedback said honey, he was surprised, was thinking about if I can concentrate on to do honey, then started his own beekeeping course, asked people for a couple of bees, beekeeping.

Beginners beekeeping, fear most bee sting, but also afraid of the bees keep bad, so he ask some beekeepers and learn while raising, has felt a few days, the bees also is not literally sting, as long as you pay attention to health no stimulating smell, gently friendly close to it, it won't sting you, even climb your hands, or come to you, which has increased his confidence, such as the warm weather, a bud, the willows have parade of bees in the hive mouth busy up, at first he thought bees in the sun, will open the hive to see see, found the buzzing in the cabinet, there are several bee has been in the circle,Knowledge according to consult with the man came back, this should is the scouts, powder should be found the source and sources, swarms of bees fly to and then they came back, honey capsule, two thighs "pollen basket" also with some pollen or red or yellow.Queen has also begun to spawn at this time, a lot of worker bees in CiLong, some have begun to hatch, after a period of time, the new bees are out of the room, the bee's team growing, as the weather gets warmer, and source of honey powder increases, bees activities and more frequently, their attendance at dawn, didn't come back until it got dark, colony expanded at a staggering rate, a few bees soon develop into a full box, colony growth, after a new leader, slowly started swarming bees, it adds a group of bees, in this way, constantly swarming, constantly expanding, the more and more, the hives are also more and more...