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The Third Generation of Ancestral Apiary - Cheng Changzhong ("Honor" of the previous article)

Cheng Changzhong inherited his father's bee-keeping technique and his grandfather's hard-working spirit. After 19 years, he followed his father to the north and then to the master Liu Baoquan. He carefully studied art for more than five years and mastered various bee-keeping techniques. The method of removing feathers from feathers was the only technique in the industry at that time. He was hailed by the provincial Ministry of Agriculture as the “advanced worker”, “beekeeping expert”, and “beekeeping king”. Now he is also evaluated by the evaluation center of commercial credit of Chinese enterprises. For "a hundred years old"!

The third generation of the ancestral apiary - Cheng Changzhong (the next part of the "Lijiang Lake")

To lay a better foundation for the future, slowly began to supply all major processing plants, a large number of bulk wholesale, and this began a more frequent transition.

From December to January of the following year, they go to Luoping or Qujing for rapeseed nectar in Yunnan. From February to March, they went to Guangxi Baise or Liuzhou to collect longan honey or go to Sichuan Zizhong County to continue collecting rape nectar. After April, they went north and went to Nantong, Jiangsu Province. Yancheng picking rapeseed flowers, in May to Shandong Taishan to collect locust honey, in June to pick nectar in Qinling or Yanan to collect nectar in Yanan, in July to go to Qinghai to produce canola or to go to Qinhuangdao in Hebei Province to pick Vitex or to Daxinganling in Heilongjiang and Changbai Mountain in Jilin. Tree honey, August-September is to go to Inner Mongolia Mongolian or Simon pick buckwheat flowers ... Each time the twists and turns, both to enjoy the hard work, but also willing to bitter fun, this is his sweet life. In the wind and rain, the flowers bloom, clenching each of the splendid spring. Bees are making honey and beekeepers are brewing their lives. Even if it is wandering and wandering, but every night can smell honey honey to sleep, is it not the most beautiful time?