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The fourth generation of the ancestral apiary - Cheng Xueji (The "Father's Word" in the previous article)

Cheng Xueji, to him this is already the fourth generation of bees.

When she was 17 years old, he followed his father to learn beekeeping. When he was young, he often watched his father collect honey and watch his father make a change of the beehive. Although he was occasionally treated as a philosopher, he still enjoyed it. His father once said to himself, “My father is a beekeeper. People may be ashamed of you, but you have to be bold in telling others that this is the honest character of our beekeepers. As a father, I cannot give you more financial wealth. The only thing I can give you is beekeepers. Industrious, industrious, and indisputable spiritual support, I will do my best to help you!" Beekeeping is hard, wind and shelter, lonely journey, human nature. To solve this problem, it is only possible to make beekeeping decent, high-income, in a word, scale!

Cheng Xueji established the Zuxun Apiary in Longji County, Hebei Province in 2008. He has cooperated with more than 2,000 bee farmers and formed a bee product supplier integrating breeding, acquisition and sales. It is well received by foreign companies for its excellent quality, which is exported to South Korea, Myanmar, Japan, Australia, EU countries and Hong Kong.

The fourth generation of the ancestral apiary - Cheng Xueji (the next part of "Going to the World")

In today’s food market, the bigger the city is, the farther away from green is, the bigger the city is, the less people can find the original ecological things. Cheng Xueyi will go to supermarkets and buy honey products to go home. Tasting and even traveling abroad will not forget to buy back bottles of honey from foreign supermarkets. It cannot be said that they are not good. There are good ones. The honey content is up to ten percent. It is not easy to say what the state has allowed to add. He does not want to go. Careful study, there is no mood to study, because he firmly believes in a principle that is to do the original ecology, no matter how nice it sounds, the packaging is beautiful, he just does not believe the original ecological is not good, honey is the bee to eat Something to give your child something to eat. Is the original ecology not good, but rather the additive? To make food, rely on conscience, refuse to concentrate, refuse to add, he firmly believes in this principle, this belief, in 2016 set up a bee farm named after his son, Hebei Province honey Le Bee Co., Ltd.! The country's largest pure natural honey distribution center! Because of his deep feelings with his grandfather since he was young, he hopes to complete his grandfather's unfinished business. His grandfather's head symbolizes and registers the word "Muguayuan" as a trademark to commemorate his grandfather!