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The Fifth Generation of Ancestral Apiary - Cheng Mi Le

Cheng Mi Le, who loves and fears the bees, has his heart. The first time he was in close contact with the bees was about 5 or 6 years old. He played on the roadside that blocked the way of bees. In a flash, The pain of the stock drama seems to have spread all over the body. It is the kind of tangled pain that one would dare to touch. Fortunately, the passing woman has come to a woman who had just had a baby. She gave a bit of milk to the place where she was being shackled. Immediately afterwards, he returned home and listened to his father saying that the bees were still dead. He was still sad for a long time. His father often talked to him about the bee-keeping story, and the bees were obscure and selfless. He started from the age of 10. , to use the school during the summer vacation, follow Dad and Grandpa shuttle across the apiary to learn beekeeping technology and the acquisition of a variety of bee products, to start a small accounting veritable, dry is also enjoyable, and determined to grow up from a certain age To inherit his father! To spread this spirit of bees, we must devote our natural food to people!

The birth of bees is the gift of nature. It not only provides people with various types of bee products, but also can increase the yield of crops for pollination, and provides adequate food security for human life! Without a bee, it means lack of pollination, no fruit without pollination, no seeds, no vegetation! So Einstein once said, "If the bees are extinguished, then we will only live for another three years!"