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Hebei mille bee industry co., LTD., founded in 1918, has been passed down by five generations for nearly a hundred years. Its original name is:Ancestral apiary long yao county in hebei province, we have rich experience in beekeeping and bee products processing, have cooperation with several well-known domestic bee products processors for several years, honey happy bee is chairman Mr Cheng Changzhong has repeatedly won the "beekeeping competition first prize", "Chinese bee training best lecturer", "China's one hundred years old" and "Chinese bee industry magazine cover" enterprises in 2017 won the "excellent agricultural industrialization leading enterprises", now working bee farmer households,

more than 2000 each year to farmers melon pollination area of one hundred and fifty thousand mu,Can be collected more than 6000 tons, all kinds of honey bee pollen of more than 500 tons, more than 200 tons of royal jelly, propolis, beeswax, royal jelly larvae, drone pupa and other bee products 100 tons, formed the breeding, acquisition, sale, processing as one of the bee products suppliers!It is sold in Korea, Burma, Japan, Australia, European Union countries and Hong Kong area with high quality and pure nature.In 2018, hebei mille bee industry co., LTD won the right to host the first hebei branch meeting of "world bee day" sponsored by China bee products association. The theme of the activity is: thank the bees and go with love