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folk recipes for honey

The effect of honey as a folk prescription is very good. The other thing is that the folk prescriptions made with honey are very delicious. If children have a certain disease, they may as well try it with honey as a folk prescription. It has no bitter taste. I believe children like it, but remember that babies under one year old should not eat honey.


1. Honey crisp porridge: appropriate amount of honey, 30g butter, 50g japonica rice. First, add water to the rice to cook porridge, human butter and honey, and cook a little. It is suitable for yang deficiency, fatigue and heat, tuberculosis, cough, thirst, haggard skin, aphthous, etc.
2. Honey fresh lotus root juice: Take some fresh lotus root juice, wash it, slice it, press the juice, and mix it with 1 cup of fresh lotus root juice and 1 tablespoon of honey. 2-3 times a day. It is applicable to fever and thirst, heatstroke and thirst.
3. Celery Honey Juice: 100-150g fresh celery, some honey. The celery is washed and mashed. It is braised with honey and served warm. Once a day. It is suitable for patients with hepatitis.
4. Honey and salvia miltiorrhiza soup: 30g honey and 15g salvia miltiorrhiza
Preparation and usage: wash and cut the salvia miltiorrhiza into slices, add 500g water and fry it to 300g over low heat, remove the residue, add honey into the juice, and then boil it. Take 1 dose daily or early or late.
Functions: It can strengthen the body, maintain vital energy and fight against aging. It is applicable to hypertension, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, etc.
5. Honey persimmon paste: 200g honey, 100g persimmon
Preparation and usage. Functions: Soften blood vessels, regulate blood pressure, and be effective for coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, and hypertension.
6. Honey sour jujube kernels: 30g honey, 15g fried sour jujube kernels
Preparation and usage: grind the fried sour jujube kernel into powder, and take it twice the same day after mixing it with honey. Function: recuperate qi and blood, suitable for palpitations and insomnia caused by body deficiency and blood loss.
7. Honey vinegar: 50g honey and 50g vinegar
Preparation and usage: Boil vinegar in a pot, and then boil honey over low heat for 30 minutes to make it thick. Take it once a day before meals, 10 grams each time. Function: Regulate blood pressure, suitable for patients with hypertension.
8. Honey and summer grass paste: 200g honey and 500g prunella vulgaris
Preparation and usage: decoct the Prunella vulgaris with proper amount of water for three times, filter and remove the residue, mix the liquid medicine for three times, add honey and fry it gently to form a paste. Take it once in the morning and evening, 30g each time. Function: It is applicable to patients with hypertension or hard cervical lymph tuberculosis, breast and lymph tumors.
9. Honey water chestnut juice: 70g honey water chestnut, 750g white radish
Preparation and usage: Wash and mash water chestnuts and white radishes, extract the juice, pour honey into them, take them in 2-3 times on the same day, and take them for half a month. Function: It can regulate blood pressure and is effective for primary hyperemia.