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Honey beauty practice

Honey Beauty Practice - Mele Bee Industry Bee Strange Honey Wholesale
As we all know, honey is a very good choice for beauty, so let's talk about the specific practices of honey beauty with Mele Bee Industry, a small compilation of Bee Strange Honey Wholesale!
1. Sun protection: honey has been used since ancient times to relieve sunburn. When the skin is red from the sun, you might as well apply a thin layer of honey to feel cool and soothing, and the effect of sunburn is better. Honey can prevent sun and nourish yin.
2. Moisturize skin. It is said that Cleopatra's skin care secret is to bathe with milk and honey. In dairy products α Hydroxyl acids soften dead skin, while enzymes in honey soften skin. Add a bag of milk and a few spoons of honey into the bath water and mix well.
3. Mix a spoonful of honey with 200ml distilled water, put them into a bottle and refrigerate them to become the most Mile Bee Industrial Purifying Moisturizer; In case of accidental abrasion or slight burn, honey can also serve as the first aid team. Gently rub a layer on the wound, which will help you slowly reduce the pain and inflammation symptoms.
4. Anti wrinkle and moisturizing: honey can be called "Melo Bee Industry Moisturizer". Mash avocado or butter, add a few spoonfuls of honey, and make it into moisturizing milk. The anti wrinkle effect is also very good.
5. Repair the hair mask. Honey can make your hair bright and prevent it from branching.
The specific formula is: teaspoon of honey+1 cup of water+2 teaspoon of vinegar. If possible, add a few drops of essential oil. After washing your hair, massage it on your scalp and hair for a while, and then rinse it with clean water.