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The second generation of the ancestral apiary - Cheng Fubao (previous post "supply")

Cheng Fubao, nicknamed Lao Hei, was at the time on the production team in the village. After learning beekeeping techniques from his father, he began to explore slowly. After one year of experience, he began to give each store, which was called the supply and marketing agency. The supply of honey was very difficult at the time. I had to rush to the location of the various supply and marketing cooperatives and drove on and off the car with my own honey bucket. After I finished the rest, I had to rest for a long time to recover my strength. I did it for 3 years. .

Later, I gradually gained income and began to make national moves in accordance with the honeybee's honey-searching rules. I just started to train with people under the Sichuan train. From my hometown to Sichuan, it takes three days and three nights. The bees need watering on the train. Otherwise, Easy to die, so here

In the three days, the bees in each carriage were watered every day. They and their workers simply slept in the carriages. At that time the carriages were closed and the inside was very hot. There are more places to go slowly. The annual beekeeping route is from south to north. Some people take the northwest route. Others take the northeast route. Every year local flowers bloom. He collects oil and nectar from his hometown. All flowers and honey were moved to Qinghai and Shaanxi in the end of April and Xinjiang in July and August.

The second generation of the ancestral apiary - Cheng Fubao ("Molding" in the next part)

About one month in average, we will have to move home. Every year we will travel to more than half of China. We will live in every place. Where are the people, where is the family, and in other places they live in tents. The water they eat is the water in the ravine and they are used as beekeepers. Has also been accustomed to the "little eat less wear" state of life, which is determined by the characteristics of the industry. Because of the natural large-scale flower area, it is often inconvenient to travel in remote mountain areas far from the town. Therefore, beekeepers must collect nectar here. They must adapt to this situation. Only know yourself! The ancestral apiary began to take shape gradually.